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Global leadership demands continuous advancements in passive fire resistive material technology. Our commitment to improving the quality and performance of our products is second to none. We are providing our partners with the highest quality products of exceptional thermal performance, durability and ease of installation, meeting the demand for effective and efficient protection for commercial buildings, industrial complexes, petrochemical facilities and tunnels across the globe.

Our uncompromising commitment further manifests itself in the expertise of our widely regarded sales and technical support that accompanies every bag of material we sell.

Hundreds of millions of bags and pails of Isolatek International products have been installed across the globe over the last half century, with each generation of product better than the previous.

Global Branding

Isolatek International is the world’s leading manufacturer of a complete line of Commercial and Industrial Passive Fire Protection Materials. Our products provide superior thermal performance thereby protecting the structural steel which supports high-rise buildings, manufacturing facilities, airports, parking garages, petrochemical processing plants, tunnels, and other Industrial facilities for over 30 years. Our materials are marketed under two brand names: The CAFCO® line of products is marketed within the Americas, while the ISOLATEK® line of products is marketed in the rest of the world.

Current Projects

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In order to provide our products to our global customers as efficiently as possible, Isolatek International has developed relationships with licensed manufacturers and distributors in key locations throughout the world. These include:

India Industrial FireproofingNewkem – Mumbai, India
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Taiwan Industrial FireproofingBerlin Co. – Taiwan
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GREENTECH Thermal Insulation Products Manufacturing Co.GREENTECH Thermal Insulation Products Manufacturing Co. – United Arab Emirates